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This report gives each team member their own individual SPECTRUM™ report to provide them with an insight into their own behaviour and effectiveness PLUS a consolidated report for the behavioural profile of the entire team. This will give a view of some of the potential strengths, weaknesses and blindspots of the team. It could also highlight potential areas of conflict within the team both in 'normal' behavioural situations and when individuals are under stress.

To set up a Team Spectrum Evaluation, enter 'members area', enter 'set up & buy evaluations', choose 'Spectrum Behavioural Evaluation Team' and buy for the number of members in the team. You will receive a code unique to that team evaluation. Give this code to each team member and ask them to cut & paste it into the box on the homepage. They will get their evaluation. You can check who has completed the evaluation in the 'evaluation results' choice in the members section. Once all are complete, close the evaluation and download the consolidated report.

The consolidation of the SPECTRUM™ reports into a team report is at NO ADDITIONAL COST you will only pay for the individual reports. However, the additional benefit could be enormous.

This is a 2 level evaluation - the individual gets their report and the consolidated report of the whole team is available. If you want to set up a 3 level report ( individual; team; organisation/department/function - that is possible - also in the "set up & buy evaluations" section of the members area.