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About Us offers a range of diagnostics to evaluate your organisation, team and yourself.

You can start an evaluation by clicking (organisation, team or individual).

In addition an member can set up a code, give it to a number of people and combines the results. This gives the ability for an organisational strategy or cultural survey , a team analysis or a multiple person 360° feedback.

Many of the full reports also give a comparison to an average for your country/region and in some cases your industry. This can assist you to discern whether your team performance, motivation in the workplace, ability to learn, ability to communicate, behaviour or other aspects are as you would like them to be.

Basic level information is available free of charge and full information is available for a deliberately small charge.

Sample reports are available

Behaviour (SPECTRUM™) Understanding others Intelligence Motivation Communication High Performing Team 360° feedback TEAM behaviour TEAM motivation

3rd level / organisational evaluations

Instructions on how to use evaluation store

To set up a code for others to use
How to run a High Performing Team session
To set up a 360° feedback codes explained