How I think - intelligences - maximising my ability to learn

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Having a good understanding of how you think will help you to improve the effectiveness of your learning - understand how your mind works and you will understand how to learn better. All of us are 'wired' differently. We all have preferences of how we deal with information in our head. This evaluation helps you unlock this knowledge and gives tips to maximise your learning.

As early as 1983 Prof. Howard Gardner of Harvard university US was publishing material to challenge the traditional ways of measuring human intelligence which stemmed from the early part of the 20th century. His ground-breaking book 'Frames of Mind' introduced the idea that we all had a number of intelligences which more adequately explained the range of human ability which remained uncaptured in the traditional 'IQ' tests of Stern, Binet and Simon (various progressions, between 1905 and 1912).

In 1999 Prof. Gardner introduced an 8th intelligence and various works have added other suggested intelligences since.

What use is this to you? If you have an appreciation of your own biases and preferences for the way in which you use, process and remember information, you will be able to tailor your learning towards your strengths and thereby learn, retain and recall more. By using this evaluation to understand yourself, and then working on learning styles which favours your own preferences, your learning should be enhanced significantly. The full report also gives some tips and ideas of how to do this.

An alternative approach, rather than focus on learning and your strengths, is to focus on developing aspects of intelligence which you currently do not favour - working on your non-preferences or weaknesses to develop a more rounded learning style.