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All information is received into our bodies by our 5 senses - sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Our brains then process the information and draw conclusions from it. All of us have preferences about which of these senses we prefer to use and differences of effectiveness in using them. This evaluation gives you the ability to understand how you can receive information more successfully

Some people find that listening to information is effective for them. Others find reading alone is best. Some need to consider graphs, charts and diagrams. Others have to be physically involved with the learning to achieve optimal learning. This EvaluationStore.com evaluation goes beyond the usual 'auditory - visual - kinaesthetic' evaluations which are widely available and breaks down each into internal and external categories - there is a difference between listening to someone else speaking and listening to the 'internal voice' in your head which occurs when you are reading a book. EvaluationStore.com is the first evaluation to do this - we hope it will become the global norm as it addresses many of the shortfalls of traditional sensory preference tests.