360° feedback

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The SPECTRUM™ behavioural evaluation can be used to make an assessment of an individual's behavioural preferences from someone else's observations of them. You are able to set up a report, unique to you, and invite others to answer the questions about you - the resultant report will help you see yourself as others see you.

The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) web site states that

"360 feedback (sometimes called 360 degree feedback) provides information on an individual from a number of sources. ..... this gives managers and individuals better information about skills and performance, and working relationships....... In 360 feedback, normally, 8 to 10 people fill in questionnaires describing the individual's performance. Often the individual fills in a questionnaire for themselves too, assessing their own performance. Ideally the whole process should be anonymous and the feedback presented to the recipient by a skilled coach....... Done well, 360 feedback challenges the recipient's perceptions of their skills and performance, and provides the motivation to change.... it can give good information about:
  • the difference between the way individuals see themselves and how they are perceived by others
  • the differences between the perceptions of different groups of respondents (for example, do the recipient's direct reports have a different view to his or her line manager?)
  • helping to make performance management a more objective and fair process.

CIPD viewpoint

It is important that people receive regular honest feedback on their performance. They should understand how their role contributes to overall organisational aims and objectives and how they are performing against agreed criteria. 360 feedback can enhance this process by widening the scope for information from the line manager relationship to embrace a wider range of opinion."

This EvaluationStore.com 360° feedback is purely for feedback on how an individual behaves at work - it does not deal with the competency aspect of feedback (how good you are at the functional aspect of your work). In keeping to the behavioural aspects it becomes more tangible - this is how people see you - it is not a subjective assessment on how you are fulfilling a role - it is a structured and well tested process for giving an individual an insight into how others perceive their actions and behaviours. The individual then, usually through coaching, has options about what they would like to change, do more of and do less of.